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In this section you will find following information of the great Suzuki GSF 600 Bandit:

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Bandit Mailing List

The Bandit mailing list is finally active (thanks Farokh or (Farokh Suzuki page))! If you want up to the minute help with your Bandit (1200 and 600), just want to exchange ideas, or don't even own a Bandit but love them, join in! All you have to do is email with the word "SUBSCRIBE" somewhere in the body of the mail message. If you wait a few minutes, a confirmation message from will be sent back to you to prevent before joke inserts. Just reply to this received mail with the word "CONFIRM" in the mail body and you will then receive a welcome letter from the list server containing full instructions.

When you receive your welcome letter and instructions, you can then freely participate in the mailing list by sending your messages to Joing as soon as possible, because as with all lists, the more the merrier!

Talking To The Users

If you have any questions or comments, or most importantly, if you want to present other users with some of your invaluable information, please email me.

Suzuki Mailing List

Farokh runs a great Suzuki mailing list, and it is probably the best source on the internet for motorcyle related information and generally a helping hand (or email). To subscribe to the list, simply write a message to with a blank subject (or anything you like), with the word "subscribe" in the first line of the body. More information can be obtained from his page, which is accessible through our "links" section.

Other Users' Email

Those users that have sent me a picture of their bike will have a link to their email address inserted as a caption. Unless of course they specify otherwise.

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