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Here are some nice pictures from Uli Stein. Enjoy them. To get a big one click on the image. I have tried to translate the german words to English, hopefully this was made understandable.

304x213 (14,2k) with link to 507x355 (37,1k)                  304x213 ( 15k) with link to big one 507x355 (40k)
                        The frog was lucky.                                             FASTER, FASTER             FASTER, FASTER 
If he hadn't jumped to the right,                                                                                                
he would have gone under the wheel.                                                                                                

305x213 (19k) wirth link to 509x355 (46,7k)                 305x213 (22,1k) with link to 509x355 ( 5506k)
 II told you at the beginning that it's a run-out model                               We've got the wrong helmets...           

215x302 (15,3k) with linnk to 358x504 (40k)
A pillion too has duties

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Kite flying


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